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  • In need of quality and reliable carpentry services, look no further! We pride ourselves on offering professional and personalised carpentry services to meet your every need. Our carpentry services include:

  • Customised furniture manufacturing: This service consists of manufacturing customised furniture according to the client's specifications and requirements. It can include the manufacture of wooden furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, among others.

  • Window and door installation: Carpenters also offer wooden window and door installation services. This can include taking measurements, preparing the frames and installing the doors and windows properly.

  • Restoration of antique furniture: If you have antique furniture that needs to be restored, carpenters also offer restoration services. This can include sanding, repairing damage, applying varnish or paint, and refurbishing worn parts.

  • Repairing damaged furniture: If you have damaged furniture, carpenters can repair it. This can include repairing broken legs, replacing damaged parts and restoring the furniture to its original appearance.

  • Wood floor installation: Some carpenters also offer wood floor installation services. This involves preparing the floor, installing the wooden planks and applying the necessary finishes to protect the floor.

  • Manufacture and repair of wooden structures: Carpenters can also manufacture and repair wooden structures, such as pergolas, porches, fences, among others. This may include the design, construction and installation of the structure according to the client's needs.

  • Outdoor carpentry: Some carpenters also offer outdoor carpentry services, such as the construction of terraces, porches, barbecues, garden benches, among others. These projects usually require a good knowledge of the appropriate materials and techniques to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

  • Built-in wardrobe installation: Another common service offered by carpenters is the installation of built-in wardrobes. This can include custom design of the wardrobe to maximise storage space and installation of sliding or hinged doors.

  • Fabrication of decorative objects: Carpenters can also undertake more artistic carpentry work, such as the manufacture of decorative objects in wood. These can be paintings, sculptures, mirror frames, among others.

  • Custom structure making: If you have a special project that requires a custom wooden structure, carpenters can make it to your specifications. It can be a garden shed, a shed, a pet house, among others. This involves the design, construction and installation of the structure.

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