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  • Inspection and assessment: A professional assesses the condition of the mortar joints and determines whether repointing is necessary. He may also identify other problems, such as moisture or material spalling. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Area preparation: The surface of the structure is cleaned to remove dirt, old mortar or anything else that may prevent proper repointing.

  • Elimination of deteriorated mortar joints: Using suitable tools, the old mortar is carefully removed so as not to damage the structure and to leave space for the new mortar.

  • Application of new mortar: A quality mortar mix is prepared, which may vary depending on the materials used in the original structure. The new mortar is then applied to the joints with specific tools, such as trowels or trowel.

  • Finishing: A suitable finish is applied so that the mortar integrates aesthetically with the existing structure. This may include the application of textures or paints to achieve a uniform and harmonious appearance.

  • Sealing and protection: In some cases, a sealant may be applied to protect joints from moisture and other external agents that may damage the mortar.

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