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Our range of Man & Van services

    • When you need reliable transportation and moving services, our Man & Van team is here to assist you with a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring your belongings are safely and efficiently transported to your desired destination. Here are some of the services we provide:

    • Home Removals: Whether you're moving to a new house, apartment, or student accommodation, our Man & Van service can assist with packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and even unpacking if required. We take the stress out of the moving process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

    • Office Relocations: Moving your business to a new location? We offer office relocation services, including the safe transport of office furniture, equipment, and files. We can also assist with setting up your new workspace to minimise downtime.

    • Furniture Delivery: If you've purchased new furniture and need it delivered to your home, our team can pick up your items and ensure they are transported without damage. We handle everything from sofas and tables to large appliances.

    • Student Moves: Moving to or from a university or college dormitory can be challenging. Our Man & Van service is well-equipped to handle student moves, ensuring a hassle-free transition to your new academic home.

    • Single Item Transport: Do you have a single item that needs to be transported, such as a piano, a large appliance, or an antique piece of furniture? We can safely and securely transport individual items to their destination.

    • IKEA, EBAY, Facebook, Gumtree, Pick-Up and Assembly: If you've made a purchase from IKEA and need someone to pick up your items and assemble them at your location, our team is ready to assist you. We can save you the time and effort of DIY assembly.

    • Long-Distance Moves: Whether you're relocating within the UK or moving to a different region, our Man & Van service is available for long-distance moves. We ensure your belongings are transported securely and on time.

    • Packing and Unpacking: We offer professional packing and unpacking services to make your move even more convenient. Our team can pack your belongings safely, label boxes for easy organization, and unpack at your new location.

    • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly: For large and complex furniture items, we can disassemble them for safe transport and reassemble them at your destination, ensuring they are in perfect condition.

    • Storage Solutions: If you need temporary storage for your belongings during a move or for any other reason, we can help you find suitable storage facilities and help you with transportation to and from the storage location.

    • In addition to our extensive Man and Van services, we are pleased to introduce a diverse range of Handyman services tailored to cater to various household and maintenance needs during your relocation. Our team of skilled handymen is dedicated to assisting you with a wide array of tasks for your home or business.

    • Our Man and van services are designed to provide you with peace of mind and efficient solutions for all your transportation and moving needs. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience the professionalism and reliability of our dedicated team.



More load space specifications

    • The Compact Van, frequently chosen for luggage and parcel transport, boasts the capacity to accommodate up to eight fully loaded suitcases. This makes it the ideal choice for solo travellers, providing ample space for a single person's belongings and effortless parking.

    • Dimensions:

    • Length: 1.2 meters / 3.5 feet

    • Width: 1.49 meters / 4.8 feet

    • Height: 1.2 meters / 3.9 feet

    • Payload: 600-900 kilograms

    • Seating capacity (including the driver): 3

    • Discover the convenience of our Compact Van, designed with the solo adventurer in mind, offering both practicality and ease of use.


More load space specifications

    • The Medium Van provides a conveniently spacious cargo area without extending significantly in length or width compared to a large car. It's the ideal choice for transporting the possessions of two individuals, furniture items, or even sofa collections.

    • Dimensions:

    • Length: 2.4 meters / 7.8 feet

    • Width: 1.7 meters / 5 feet

    • Height: 1.4 meters / 4 feet

    • Payload: 1200 kilograms

    • Seating capacity (including the driver): 3


More load space specifications

    • Experience the spacious interior of our LWB High Top Van, which surpasses all other panel vans on the road. Equipped with a convenient side loading door, it simplifies loading and unloading in confined spaces, making it the ultimate choice for 1-2 bedroom flat moves, seamless business-to-business deliveries, efficient removal services, and local storage or store collections. It's no wonder that the LWB High Top Van is the top pick in the Man and Van services industry, trusted by removals companies across the nation.

    • Dimensions:

    • Length: 3.4m / 11.1 ftt

    • Width: 1.7m / 5ft

    • Height: 1.7m / 5ft

    • Payload: 1200-1500 kg

    • Seating capacity (including the driver): 3

Luton Van

More load space specifications

    • Discover the Ultimate Luton Van for Your Move! Are you planning a 3-bedroom flat or house move, office relocation, or transporting heavy items? Look no further! Our Luton Van is the unrivaled choice for these tasks, offering unmatched flexibility for handling bulky furniture and crates with ease. Unlike standard panel vans, our Luton Van ensures every inch of the load space is optimized, as there are no internal wheel arches to hinder your loading capacity. Make your moving day a breeze and book the perfect van now.

    • Dimensions:

    • Length: 4.0 m / 13.1 ft

    • Width: 2.0 m / 6.5 ft

    • Height: 2.2 m / 7.2 ft

    • Payload: 1200-1600 kg

    • Seating capacity (including the driver): 3

    • Reserve Your Luton Van Today and Experience the Difference!


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